What Is A Real-Estate-Investment-Trust?

A Real-Estate-Investment-Trust (REIT) is a highly regulated company, that owns and manages a diverse portfolio of properties. A REIT enables shareholders to invest in property, without the directly owning and managing the properties themselves.

If you’re looking to enjoy an income from property investment - without the hassle - the Somerset Estates REIT can help you do this.

Are you a Buy-To-Let (BTL) landlord? Learn more about how the Somerset Estates REIT could help you to maintain a tax-efficient, high-yield property income, without the worry of ongoing maintenance, management tasks and ever changing regulations

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What’s special about a REIT?

REITs are an internationally recognised method of investing in all forms of property. They were introduced into the UK in 2007 and offer shareholders the benefits of property investment and the security of being a shareholder in a highly regulated company.

These are a few of the reasons that people choose to participate in a REIT:

  • REIT’s are highly tax-efficient
    Because we do not pay capital gains or corporation tax, we’re able to retain more profits for our shareholders
  • Our shareholders take at least 90% of profits
    We are legally bound to pay a minimum of 90% of all property rental profits to our shareholders as Property Income Distributions on an annual basis.
  • We offer a swift way to benefit from rental property income
    Buying and managing your own property portfolio can be stressful and time-consuming. Our shareholders enjoy a hassle-free property income from day one of their investment.
  • A diverse property portfolio offers ​[​shareholders]​ ​ greater financial security
    We offer our shareholders a low-risk, stable investment. Our extensive range of property holdings have built strong foundations to weather changes in the property market.
  • Shares in REITs offer greater liquidity than direct property ownership
    Property investors know that selling property can be a costly, stressful and time-consuming process. However, REIT shareholders benefit from improved liquidity, as their shares can easily be traded on the stock market.

Somerset Estates: The Residential Buy-To-Let REIT

At Somerset Estates, we specialise in the UK’s lucrative private rented sector. Our portfolio includes a variety of properties, from luxury flats in Kensington to large multi-family housing plots in the South-East.

We help our shareholders to benefit from rental income and price appreciation within our portfolio, without directly owning the properties themselves.

A History Of Success

As an early entrant into the UK’s “buy-to-let” sector, our Board has a long and successful track record in the acquisition of properties and in the letting and management operations. We are passionate about delivering high-yield, secure investments to our shareholders. To learn more about us, Meet The Team.

Are you an investor, or a representative of an investment institution? Learn more about the Somerset Estates REIT.

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