Exchanging Properties For Shares In A REIT

REITs provide a hassle-free, high-yield investment in the property market. If your properties are suitable, you may be eligible to “swap” them for shares in the Somerset Estates REIT.

Somerset Estates Share Swap

If the increasing challenges of direct property ownership are worrying you, swapping your properties for shares in the Somerset Estates REIT may be of interest to you.

Exchanging your rental property portfolio for shares in the Somerset Estates REIT, can offer you a property revenue stream (in the form of Property Income Distributions) without the stress of balancing rental margins against increasing overheads and keeping up with ever-changing regulations.

Benefits of “swapping’ your properties for shares:

  • Potential for Capital Gains Tax rollover relief - CGT will only be paid upon sale of your shares in the REIT
  • “Swapping” properties for shares can help with Inheritance Tax planning
  • Liquidity - shares in the Somerset Estates REIT are easier and quicker (within the normal limits of quoted shares) to sell than bricks and mortar.

As with any investment, if you are considering our share swap plan, it is important that you seek independent tax advice.

We are happy to send you examples of how the Share Swap can work - leave your details now, and one of our team will be in contact soon.

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