Low-risk property investment, with a high-yield return

The Somerset Estates Residential Buy-To-Let REIT offers our investors a low-risk, high-yield income from property investment.

Unlike other investment vehicles, 90% of profits from our diverse residential property portfolio are be paid out to our shareholders: as regulated by law.

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Snapshot: our business and values

Somerset Estates is a family run property investment and development business. We have over 60 years of experience in the London and South-East UK property markets. We have worked on a wide variety of property projects, ranging from multi-million pound properties in Prime Central London down to 1-bed flats on the Kent coast.

Our experience and market knowledge enable us to maximise returns from our investments and spot opportunities that others might miss. Our diverse portfolio helps us to withstand fluctuations in different regions and segments of the property market, providing a stable and growing profit base for the Somerset Estates REIT.

We believe in providing quality rental accommodation. For too long tenants have been forced to live in expensive, below standard housing. We place a strong emphasis on improving the rental experience for our tenants, and enjoy long-term rental agreements with many of our residents.

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